maandag 4 mei 2009

Ben Kruisdijk + Katrin Ströbel "SGNIWARD/SNGIS"

Duration May 1st - June 13th 2009

The two artists in the exhibition "sgniward/sngis“ Katrin Ströbel (born 1975 in Pforzheim, Germany) and Ben Kruisdijk (born 1981 in Zaandam, the Netherlands) deal with the variety of language systems and their subjective meanings and interpretations. By combining several existing sign systems, they create in their work a new language which shows the width of interpretation possibilities.

Ben Kruisdijks’ language system is more of a scientific kind. In his series etched x-ray drawings“ he uses x rays and combines these with analysed drawings from biology. In this way, a skeleton of a hand grasps a flower suggesting the meeting of life and death. Kruisdijk also refers to fantasy, which can become reality through the human being. Things that seem to be real or scientifically proven, could also just be a connection of realities which seem real when they come together like this. Also, the connection of mathematic discoveries with scientific phenomenons are referenced. In his drawings, the yellow paper with cursive handwritten titles seem like imitations of the earliest ways of documenting research results.

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